Assemblyman Tri Ta Announces the Governor Signing Two Bills on Public Safety

Assemblyman Tri Ta Announces the Governor Signing Two
Bills on Public Safety

Following the passage of landmark criminal justice realignment, Ta’s bill takes a critical look at the impact twelve years later.  The second bill would ensure drivers are treated fairly before their vehicle is towed for lapsed registration. 

ORANGE COUNTY—Assemblyman Tri Ta is pleased to announce that Governor Gavin Newsom has signed two of his bills on public safety.

AB 1080 requires California’s non-partisan Legislative Analyst to prepare a report for the Legislature on the impact of AB 109 (Chapter 15, Statutes of 2011), the monumental legislation passed by the Legislature on criminal justice realignment. 

“California is now twelve years into this failed experiment on massive criminal justice reform.  Crime has risen and our communities are less safe because of these soft on crime policies.  I’m grateful that the Governor signed this bill so we can have an honest conversation about the disparate impact AB 109 has had on our neighborhoods,” said Assemblyman Tri Ta. 

The Governor also signed AB 925 which would require law enforcement to verify a vehicle’s registration status through the DMV database before authorizing a tow to remove the vehicle and would prohibit a tow if the registration is current in the DMV database.  If the DMV data is not immediately available, a tow cannot occur until the status is verified. 

“After hearing from a constituent about their car being towed, despite their registration being current, I knew something had to be done,” says Assemblyman Tri Ta on AB 925.  “In this case, the sticker was stolen and the driver was penalized.  My commonsense bill would end this practice and provide fairness to drivers up and down the state,” says Ta.  “I’m thankful to the Governor for his support.”

AB 925 will take effect on January 1, 2024.