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Tri Ta was elected to California’s Seventieth District in 2022. Previously, Tri served his first term on the Westminster City Council in 2006. Two years later, he was selected to serve as the Mayor Pro Tem. In 2012, Tri Ta made history and became the first Vietnamese-American elected mayor in the United States.

Tri Ta is a husband and father to two daughters. Ta’s American Dream started when seeking political freedom, his family immigrated to the United States from Saigon, Vietnam. Within just a couple of years of arriving here, with hard work and determination, Tri graduated from Cal State Los Angeles.

Tri believes in our country’s mission of uplifting the individual by expanding freedom and opportunity. California and the United States have given Tri so much, he believes it’s only right that in return he does his best to make them better for everyone. Tri is principled. He believes in fairness. He will always stand up for everyday Californians and their families.

In the legislature, Tri will fight to ensure every Californian has these same opportunities… a fair shot… a level playing field. Tri is excited to serve the people of Orange County, and California in the State Assembly.