Assemblyman Tri Ta Announces Legislation to End Archaic Time Changes

Assemblyman Tri Ta Announces Legislation to
End Archaic Time Changes

Ending time changes is the will of the California voters after Prop 7 passed in 2018.

ORANGE COUNTY—Today, Assemblyman Tri Ta announced new legislation to end the outdated practice of changing clocks twice a year.  If passed, this measure would keep California on year-round standard time. 

“Changing clocks twice a year is not only frustrating, but it’s dangerous for drivers and contributes to our state’s mental and physical health crises every year. When voters passed Proposition 7 overwhelmingly in 2018, they did not expect the Legislature to stall the will of the voters by refusing to take up this important measure,” said Assemblyman Ta. “This legislation makes good on a promise that California voters decided on long before I was in office. It’s been 5 years, and now that I’m here in Sacramento, I’m going to hold government accountable and take action.”

In 2018, Proposition 7 passed in California with nearly 60% of the vote, calling on the Legislature to end twice-yearly time changes. According to several studies, time changes are linked to increases in vehicle accidentsseasonal depression, and other severe health issues.  

Dr Andrew Binder, MD, FAASM, FCCP, member of the Board of Directors of the California Sleep Society, who is excited and relieved to see this issue finally getting the attention it needs, says “I applaud Assemblyman Tri Ta for introducing this legislation. Children and teenagers are especially impacted by the disruption caused by time changes. Our natural sleep rhythms and internal clocks are best suited for year-round standard time and after the passage of Proposition 7, now is the time for the Legislature to act. I urge Assemblyman Ta’s colleagues in the Legislature to follow the science and join him in passing this important bill so Californians can lead healthier lives.” 

This bill would require a 2/3 vote of the Legislature and would go into effect in 2025 if passed.